Friday, September 19, 2008

Pink is the color of...

I have never "blogged" before so here is an honest stab at it!!! LOL.
I am 22 years old and own my own businesses (yes plural!). Own 2 car lots and a towing company. I shair all of this with my boyfriend-ish, husband-ish type person. Mr pinky (he won't like that name but oh well he'll get the hell over it won't he!). Our relationship has been on the outs here lately.
Back in June he decided that he wanted to see other people. Well, as you'd imagine that didn't go over so well. But we are now working on theses issues and are back together. More to come on that front later!
Thank you for reading and please comment! and add me to your fave's I will be updating often!


Missy said...

So far so good, I'm adding you.
Check out my blog too, its not as personal mostly pop culture stuff. I will eventually start posting more about my life.

Anonymous said...

i am from vienna
haha ok i will try to add that...i dont really know how...