Tuesday, September 30, 2008

What should I do?

OK as some of you know, Mr. Pinky and I were seeing other people for a little while. Well, If you have read previous posts, you will know that he had briefly talked to a girl that was 15 (he did not know that she was 15 at the time and broke it off when she found out.) I had emailed her and told her that He and I were back together and that she needed to back off. she did for a while but I opened my myspace account yesterday and there was a message from her. This is what she said to me:

umm okay i dont no if u go this messeges that i sent u or not but.... "B" made out with me in his car at the far and then he left and went and got the shop keys and we was going to screww but i chickend out .. but no he didnt not talk to me after he found out i was 15... that day i called the shop and asked for himm... he called me that after noon on the apsulte towing cell phone if u dont belive me ... look at the phone records..

(PS far is supposed to be fair. Remember she is a 15 year old at a HS is kentucky!!)

So I replied with:

so why did you keep calling him? you knew he didn't want to talk to you?

Well, Today she calls Mr. Pinky 3 diffrent times. The first time he answered the phone b/c he didn't know who it was. After that he ignored her.

What should I do? Should I call her and tell her to stop? My mother thinks I should call her mother and tell her that her 15 year old daughter will not leave a 23 year old man alone and continues to call him. Or should I just leave it be and let my BF handle it?

What should I do?

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Missy said...

I would call the mom.